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Nonconformist Reporter

Wedding Nonconformist

the soul of a wedding

Nonconformist Reporter is a brand new and unique project giving a couple the opportunity to have their own wedding story set in papers through the professionalism of our writers. The Wedding Nonconformist journalists will follow your marriage preparations and emotions in the creation of your own magic and lovely day, keeping in touch with you and taking part of your dream day during ceremony and party, collecting all the feelings and emotions from your guests and families, to create a unique book, an extremely exclusive memory of the most important day of your lives, for eternity.
An extraordinary gift for you and your closest friends.

Marriage is an important and extraordinary life-step, that will remain indelible in your memories through the story created for you and your love story. When two lovers are choosing to spend the rest of their lives together, they begin to build a delightful journey right from the wedding, falling in love again in organizing the most extraordinary day of their married life, choosing from the more suited decorations, invitations, pictures, tasty food and music to illustrate their love story, which is always unique and precious.

We will be next to you to discover your daily joys, the enthusiasm accompanying your wedding, the care and the waiting for such a special day, collecting your feelings in a love story that will explode the day of the ceremony, when promises and dreams will come true, with smiles and emotion of your guests, the lights and the fragrance of flowers crowning the most romantic moment, when your eyes will cross each other pronouncing the fateful and long-awaited “yes” .
A unique book for the best story you’ve ever read: the one of your love.

we forge the love with the fire of passion
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