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Wedding Nonconformist

your wedding is our passion

Studio Wedding Nonconformist raises from Roberto Vacis’ passion for portrait photography, fashion photography, amateur cinema and the art of storytelling. Roberto’s enthusiasm for a completely new and different project in the world of ceremony photography involves some very selected and talented friends, with interests in ceremony reportage, art photography and fine art printing. Consequently, the combination of these common interests has lead to the development of our Wedding Nonconformist team – the result of which is a superior level of wedding photography. The glue element between our team members, besides the historical friendship, is our true love for photography. Our studio is composed of many professionals, each with a different specialism, all operating within different fields and a combined wealth of experience spanning decades within the photography world: Only professionals of exceptional ability were admitted to our team; people specialised in ceremony photo-shoots with a strong and original emotional impact, looking to develop content and research too. Strictly no beginners!
We want to experiment, to break the mould, using a language and a style of our own to skillfully mix poetry and art, rhythm and photojournalism documentation with the irreplaceable beauty of a story, told with a fashion sophistication.

Our Studio always operates with two photographers: one specialised in proper ceremony and reportage photography; the other specialised in a more deliberated and posed photography – typical of the fashion world; both of them passionate about photography, cinema, art and poetry. With the storytelling technique, (characteristic of fashion photography), we capture and bring out both the essence and emotions of your wedding to preserve every precious memory of your special day. We’ll be the ones caring about directing you, giving you suggestions, involving the bride, the groom and families in the magnificent, wonderful fairytale adventure of your wedding, without disrupting neither you nor the ceremony. We offer you a wedding photo-shoot where every single detail is nurtured by our studio, with that unique and distinguishable style that makes us special. Every little detail matters, even after the photo-shoot: we help you to select a beautiful wedding album; an exclusive, robust and long-lasting object of design made to be exhibited with elegance and pride – a piece of art in itself. Aware that beauty and quality have their price, we face the market with the serenity of knowing that what we offer is an exclusive product of exceptional quality.
Our services and products are not addressed to those people looking for low cost, but for those who are seeking a bespoke service, that seamlessly fuses the elegance and individuality of a wedding ceremony with a unique and professional touch.

Wedding Nonconformist choose not to conjoin with any other associations and not to participate in any contests organised by them. This delicate decision was made for two main reasons. The first is that Wedding Nonconformist adheres to its own ethic code, based on frankness and courtesy towards clients, who expect professionalism and attention, resulting in incomparable quality. The reason why we do not participate in any third-party photography contests is based on the fact that judges, in our opinion, can only be our commissioners.
A photo, in order to be beautiful, brilliant and well done, does not require any particular award or approval, if not the one spontaneously coming from our clients who appreciate the fact that our work arouses the emotions that they experienced. We work very hard to be in a position to achieve this goal. We invest our time and lives for genuine professional growth and are profoundly committed in this direction. We may spend time in a wood or by a lake shore, listening to nature and enjoying the absolute beauty, or simply flipping through the pages of an art book in search of inspiration and improving the most delicate human skills to be able to recount the journey with the sensibility it requires.
We always shoot using appropriate equipment. We don’t need to exhibit cameras, lenses and brands for the sake of convincing our clients. Pictures are taken by photographers and the equipment is merely chosen to ensure that we can express each story perfectly.
We believe that our clients trust us because they are touched and fascinated by our work and not because we are measured by our equipment. During the printing process we follow the same strict guidelines typical of Fine Art protocol. We care about art photography durability (colour fade, for example) and this is why we adopt the same protocol in our photography as works exposed in prestigious places such as galleries and museums, where durability is essential to preserving each and every detail. Upon request we can also provide the certifications of the products we use.
We take care of the post-production with dedication and with all the time necessary to make sure your wedding photos come out perfect, which is what you desire, and what we strive for. Quality requires time.
Our references for quality are those of colleagues and friends who work at top levels worldwide and we are constantly driven by intense curiosity to explore what’s new in the market.

Our clients are based anywhere in the world, which is the reason why we have chosen not to invest in one place of representation, preferring to meet you in person, to learn where your story takes place and where the ceremony will occur.
During our meetings we will offer practical solutions and knowledgeable suggestions to support all your specific needs. We will provide you with all the information; enabling you to calmly consider and decide if and how our prestigious services can best capture the essence of your beautiful day.

your wedding is our pleasure
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