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Honeymoon Nonconformist

Honeymoon Nonconformist

your unforgettable moments

Wedding Nonconformist has also thought about your honeymoon: exclusive and nonconformist, which is our trademark.

The honeymoon is a very important part of your wedding: it’s your first journey together as husband and wife, it’s the official start of your life together, it’s a moment when you will be able to take time and to enjoy your love. All of this in a holiday that, although short, will be unique and extraordinary.
They might seem obvious concepts, but when we talk about love nothing is obvious or should be taken for granted.
The wedding photoshoot is over, you have the visual story of that special day where you shared every moment with your family and all the people you love. You have the reportage of the moments, magical and unique, of the details about where you got married, the set up, the organisation. You chose your suit and your gown, you took care of yourself so to express your joy, your love and your emotions.
The honeymoon is just as great as your wedding day was, and much more intimate. There you’ll be the only two people involved, you won’t need to “tell” a story, you’ll just need to live it!

Having a honeymoon photoshoot can be an intense experience and a beautiful memory. It can be even more special than the actual wedding photoshoot.
If choosing the right photographer for your wedding is hard maybe it’s even harder to choose one that will follow your honeymoon.

A honeymoon photoshoot is completely different compared to a wedding shoot.

For us at Wedding Nonconformist shooting your honeymoon can be even more exclusive and tailored than the wedding itself. During your honeymoon you are going to be the only protagonists, so the needs and wishes of every single couple can be extremely different.

There’ll be couples who prefer a simple and spontaneous reportage, others who will opt for a fun shoot where they can show their interests and their passions. Some people will choose a glamorous and sophisticated style, while others a more romantic one.

For some people the location won’t be so important, while for others will be essential, sometimes a dream coming true.

One thing is sure: nobody wants their honeymoon photoshoot to be a duplicate of the wedding one. No one wants their honeymoon photos to be all the same, where two people just hold each other’s hand in every picture; images that tell nothing about their true love and that in the long run they’ll just be boring.

Wedding Nonconformist will create and tailor the story of your honeymoon following your desires. Every reportage will be unique. If you wish we can be with you for only one day or more, we can make a natural reportage where you’ll be free to be yourself without even realising we’re around, or we can organise a more involved shoot where we can create something special. In any case we will establish a relationship of empathy and we will never be intrusive.

for your unforgettable honeymoon
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