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Frequently Asked Questions

01  Where can I meet you?

We work both locally and internationally. We can reach you and we will dedicate all the necessary time, with no rush, to tailor and plan your weeding shoot session. If you live far away, our assistant will be available to initially assist you on the phone or Skype, both in English or Italian.

02 What is the final product we will get after the wedding?

The wedding shootsession that we will meticulously tailor for you and organize for you will be absolutely unique. We do not offer standardized shooting sessions because we strongly believe that every marriage is, and must be, your own one. You will receive a USB memory key in which you will find all the photos that we carefully chose and post produced for you. The number of pictures you will get completely depends on the kind of ceremony,the number of guests, the location you will choose etc. If you wish we will give you an exclusive photo album that will hold the selected pictures of your special day.

03 How many pictures of my marriage will you take?

Some photographers prefer to go for quantity instead of quality, giving you a lot o pictures that are often repetitive and look alike. Taking several thousands of pictures and then selecting 700 to 1000 of them, it’s unavoidable that during post-producing they will be processed quickly and roughly. This does not add up any quality. The majority of team are professionals with more than 20 years of experience who started off with photographic film, still in use in art photography. This to say that we are focused on quality and do not see digital photography for any other reason than quality, therefore not as way to produce cheaper and large quantities of nonsense photos. Post-production and Fine Art printing are part of the process we adopt, that’s why we dedicate time to work on every single image. The number of pictures taken are going to be more than enough to build your wedding album and satisfy your relatives and guests expectations. Every ceremony is unique: the newly-weds getting ready, the place where the marriage will be celebrated, the location of the banquet, all preparation process in details, the time length of the party and the number of guests are all elements that need to be taken into account to determine the number of pictures. We discourage you trusting any photographer who offers you a given number of photos without having carefully taken all this into account first. They would be providing with a standardized and canned service and product which has nothing to do with the superior and tailored service that we offer.

04 Why giving us a fancy box containing a USB key instead of a DVD?

Choosing to give you a USB key in a customized gift box over a DVD is more expensive to us. It is a quality choice, DVDs can get damaged over time and a data loss risk is really high. To us quality means paying attention to the details and small things.

05 Who is in charge of selecting the pictures taken during the wedding shooting session?

The picture selection phase is a really important one. We do storytelling when we do our shoots, so it is fundamental that every picture combined with each other respects the project laying underneath, letting the harmony and the smoothness of the story shine through. The Wedding Nonconformist Crew will take care of the careful choice of the best images to beshared with you then.

06 When will we get the pictures?

It depends on the work load in our studio, we want to be clear and honest. As the contract claims the delivery may take as much as 4/6 months but if we can it could even take much less time.

07 Do you also print albums?

Sure we do. We exclusively offer extremely high quality photo albums that guarantee quality over time (150-year warranty). Photo albums are handmade in Italy by a craftsmen’s company, each and everyone is both a piece of design and a complement of furniture that you could elegantly expose in your living room. There are three options you can choose from. You will get a fine art photo album, printed following all the criteria of Fine Art printing techniques: inks and raw materials are certified by following the protocol used on museum art prints (the highest when talking about quality). When preparing the album, we will think about the graphic, we will select the images and build them into a tale exclusively thought for your wedding. Otherwise feel free to choose another kind of photo album and have it assembled by somebody else. All the retouched files of your pictures are yours to use.

08 Can we print the pictures?

Sure. You will be free to print your pictures however and wherever you’d like. All the files you will receive are set to fit our machineries though. It is necessary to have a full and experienced understanding of Fine Art printing to make all color shades come out perfectly. You will be able to choose what and how you like it.

09 How much in advance should we book your service?

It’s normally necessary to us to receive your booking request from 6 to 12 months prior to the wedding date. If your wedding date is closer than that get in touch with us anyways, if we have that date clear we will be available for you.

10 How can we book a date?

To have the wedding shooting session booked on your ceremony date you just need to sign our contract and lodge a cash deposit.

11 Do you move? How far?

We do shooting sessions worldwide. Depending on your estimate and on the location you chose, we will let you know how much are the transfer expenses.

12 Is it a problem if we are a gay couple?

Absolutely not, on the contrary we will work harder and go the extra mile to make your big day even more special and unique.

13 What if the marriage was celebrated following a different confession from the catholic one?

Still no problem for us, we will do our best to get informed on your customs and wedding traditions, we will be there at your rehearsals and follow you with more attention the day of the wedding. We are used to working in highly dynamic and stressful environments, therefore we are open to new things.

14 Which are your costs?

Since we do not offer standardized shooting packages but project an exclusive and customized wedding shooting session, prices can vary depending on the kind of services and photographers we suggest for you. We always work with two first photographers, each of them master in different techniques, this to give you a unique service. Do not hesitate to contact us for further information both on price ranges or a personalized estimate.

15 Why two photographers? Is that just an extra expense?

Using photographers with different styles and different skills to build a unique and exclusive wedding shooting session is a choice we and strongly made with awareness. A photographer specialized in reportages will always be there to capture every frame that will build the story of your ceremony, then there will be also another photographer: a professional in fashion photography who will be in charge of taking radiant pictures of your wedding day.
With you, taking part in much of the project, we will create images that will represent at best your personality, your taste, what moves you and what you want to say at your wedding. An intense, unique, authentic and exciting shooting session.

16 I read than two photographers working together could compete with each other, create obstacles and be too intrusive with the guests.

Our team is made up by professionals used to working in team and not competing with each other, we are friends of each other and we move around paying attention not to hinder each other or create any annoyance.
The way we dress and our presence are to us synonyms of professionalism and respect to your ceremony.
We always show up dressed properly to the occasion, we bring spare shirts to always look impeccable during the whole ceremony. We save jeans, T-shirt and sneakers for our free time.

17 Which of the photographers will be there at our wedding?

Roberto Vacis will always be present to every ceremony, he will take care not just of the portrait and feeling-capturing part, but will also be the Art Director, directing the whole shooting session in detail. Our studio collaborates with selected photographers ( in the crew’s photos ), Roberto will choose one or the other depending on how we will choose together to projected your wedding shooting session. The second photographer ( a professional photographer and not an assistant ) chosen by Roberto will be there with Roberto himself, on your wedding day. His name will be shown on the contract.

18 Do you take pre-wedding pictures? Family pictures? Engagement’s? Kids’?

Sure, we do.

19 Do you have spare equipment?

Always being two photographers working together in every wedding we have plenty of equipment, suitable for any occasion: sunny, rainy, windy or snowy weather does not take us by surprise.

20 Why do you offer a makeup artist service? What are the advantages?

Our trusted makeup artist Giorgia, she has specialized in photographic and corrective make up, this means she is used to making every person look at their best when photographed. She uses tested approved and quality products only to prevent rashes or irritation.
Photographic make up is supposed to last in hours, crying included.
Corrective make up allows to softly conceal and adjust those tiny imperfections, often not really photogenic ones, and make you look like yourself but radiant, like every bride should be, all of this done not by altering your natural features.
Last but not least, our makeup artist will be present to the wedding all day long, from the beginning till the end just to assure you a flawless make up.

21 Is it possible to have a video recording of the ceremony?

Absolutely. We have a great video maker in our team. He has over 30 year experience in the movie system and in international productions, he is a close friend and agreed on recording some videos for us.

22 Are yours the same old kind of boring, cheesy and short video recordings?

No. What we offer are authentic documentaries of your wedding, made with movie techniques. A rhythmic and dynamic editing, cinema frames and a soundtrack chosen by a musician are the ingredients that will make the difference. You’ll have an unforgettable video of your whole wedding day without losing any moment of it, from the preparation to late night.

23 Will I need to act or to pose during the video?

Absolutely not.

24 Will the presence of a cameraman be intruding during the ceremony?

No. He will be pretty much invisible.

25 Is it important for the photographers and video maker to be friends out of the work environment?

I’d say it makes the difference. There are synergy and harmony between us, we understand each other without talking. The respect we have in our friendship and the big professionalism of all of us avoids us to compete with each other. We all reached excellence , we don’t need to prove anything, on the contrary, the pleasure and awareness of creating together quality project inevitably pushes us to collaborate with each other to get excellence out of it. Our goal is to raise an extremely high quality project together.

for any other information or questions please contact us
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