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Tips & Tricks

for your wedding photo shoot

  • Preparation


    A peaceful morning, with a minimal number of people who you care to be portrayed with, or a cheerful and eventful morning with those who are special to you. Different options characterised by different energies.

  • Make-up & Hair

    Make-up & Hair

    Ask for a test make-up and a test hairdressing style so you can have time to make the right decision and avoid disturbing and time-consuming last minute surprises. Ask the make-up and the hairdresser how long this will take on the special day.

  • Church ceremony

    Church ceremony

    Before you make final arrangements and confirm with the church, make sure they will allow photography and videography with no restrictions of any kind.

  • Open-air ceremony

    Open-air ceremony

    When scheduling your ceremony at an open-air venue, bear in mind that the best daylight photography timeframe of the day for quality, soft shadows, skin evenly and naturally lit, is the one during the 2-3 hours before sunset.

  • Transports


    The most intimate moments (and with no crowd) are those when you move from place to place during the day. It is vital to chose suitable vehicles that can host the photographer and the videographer and allow them to operate freely.

  • Creative portraits

    Creative portraits

    It is the most important part of the photographic service. Being patient, carefree and preserving your spirit of adventure during that time is vital for a great result as you will appear natural and confident.

  • Group photos

    Group photos

    The photographer does not necessarily know the members of your family nor your friends. It is a good idea ask someone to collaborate with the photographer by inviting people in and out the frame accordingly.

  • Invitations


    By including the photographer’s name in your guest lists at all venues (lunch, dinner, reception etc.) you will ensure that the photographer will not delay being constantly present wherever and whenever the great photo must be taken.

  • Venue


    Bear in mind that the more a venue is lit by any source of light (chandeliers, spotlights, candles, torches etc.) the more suggestive your photos will be.

  • Tension structure

    Tension structure

    This type of venues can provide the ideal lighting condition for a magical photo shoot. The addition of other lamps, chandeliers and candles will contribute to make the atmosphere even more interesting yet intriguing.

  • Open-air venues

    Open-air venues

    Open-air venues, in the evening, under moonlight or starry sky is wonderful, though it is very important to add abundant variety of lights as to create atmosphere for your photos. The more and various lights you add, the better it is.

  • Unforeseen


    Whatever is unpredictable is, by definition, not possible to be planned. It would be pointless that you would be unnecessarily worrying during your special day. Be carefree and fully enjoy every single moment.


Every professional of the Crew has ultradecennial experiences.
We deal on the market for over 25 years working in the best international productions in the cinema, in fashion industry and in wedding reportage.


Keen on cinema, reportage, fashion, publishing and art we are always in search of new stimuluses and creative cues. For us the wedding photography is pure creativity.


To get excellent results are important the exactitude, the devotion to work, the study, the reliability, the respect and so much humility. These are the essential requisites to be a good professional.


Every married couple we meet is only, as well as the photo reportage that we’ll carry out. For us to carry out an exclusive and only photo reportage is challenge, stimulus and pleasure.

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